Drone Technolgy

The Advantage of Drones in Landscape Design & Construction

How aerial views of your property during the design, construction, and perfection stage will impact the end result.

Drone technology is changing what is possible when creating an elevated landscape design. Technology has advanced how we measure, design, and document progress. We understand that you want your property to turn heads and, we can assure you, that we are up to the challenge. Drone support will impact your results in many ways. Here are our top three.

1. Accurate Mapping

In the past, a traditional surveyor would have to visit your property and shoot hundreds of different data points with hefty survey equipment. Then they would have to take those data points back to the office to analyze and create a report. Now our drone can photograph the entire site within 10-15 minutes in meticulous detail.  

Drone usage allows accuracy within 2 cm and with precise data streamed to us within minutes. Accurate 3D maps and models are created that show differences in elevation and site features in a far more realistic manner. This allows our designers to manipulate the design in much greater detail and with extreme accuracy. The results are done to spec with no guesswork.

The Sunline drone provides high-resolution orthomosaic images and detailed 3D models. Traditional mapping practices fall short of this level of detail. This helps our design and sales team to produce outstanding results in the most elegant way possible.

2. Precise Scale & Elevation

Our drone provides high-resolution 2D and 3D models as well as orthomosaics. The footage provides previously unavailable accuracy with measurement and scale, even in areas with low-quality data. These high-accuracy maps make complex and difficult terrain easier to design and construct. 

The data the drone records can then be uploaded into design software like Lumion or SketchUp where we manipulate and create isopachs and topography maps in a fraction of the time. This accuracy allows us to demonstrate many variations in the amenities you desire for your dreamscape.

Data retrieved from our drone affords us the ability to compute precise measurements of earth that needs to be excavated and graded. Relying on images from Google Earth is a thing of the past. An image trace is created for you that outlines roads and existing structures to be included or eliminated from your landscape project.

3. Elevated Visualization & Communication

The Sunline drone creates footage in 4k resolution. This allows you to visualize the end result in real time, with real data, and no guesswork. That is a true innovation. 

When the data is uploaded to our design software, we can present options in the design with improved accuracy and in a much more digestible format. You get to see what your home will look like when the design is accomplished. You can look at options and enhancements that truly fit the ambiance you are intending to create.

Not only is the drone footage just plain “cool”, but it truly increases communication in a meaningful way.

Site engineers and project managers can use the monthly footage to show progress and track work completed by subcontractors. They can then share that footage with you as the construction progress unfolds. Even if you are away from home, you can see the progress of your landscape build with the click of your mouse, or even from your mobile device.

Sunline Drone Services is yet another way we demonstrate confidence in our craft.

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