What to Expect From a Property Care Program

An in-depth look at Sunline’s customizable maintenance packages

Complete property care starts with the basics

Our core property care package was developed by our horticulture experts and follows horticultural “best practices”. It’s designed specifically to keep your property stunning and healthy throughout the growing season.

Spring clean-up — Each spring, we’ll arrive at your home for a thorough freshening up of your property to prepare it for the growing season. This includes redefining the edges of your garden beds, seasonal pruning of woody shrubs, cutting back perennials, raking beds and removing debris.  

To prepare your lawn, we aerate and power rake to give your grass a head start. All bed and lawn areas are fertilized and treated with pre-emergent herbicides. We also clean drainage strips and boxes and clear hardscape areas. 

Lawn care — Our lawn care program provides weekly mowing, edging and trimming, done at an appropriate height to keep your grass green and healthy. It also includes five fertilization treatments throughout the growing season, as well as preventative treatments to control insects and disease. 

Garden care — Weekly bed maintenance includes hand weeding, debris removal, hand pruning of roses, ornamental, and topiary plants, shearing hedges, deadheading flowering shrubs and perennials, as well as minor pruning of trees up to 12 feet. 

Fall property clean-up — Time to put the garden to bed for the winter! This service involves fall leaf removal, as well as many of the same services as our spring clean-up, as appropriate for the fall season. Any native grass and wildflower areas will be mowed down at this time.

Irrigation care and monitoring — Our irrigation program covers all services associated with the spring start-up and winter shutdown of your system. We perform monthly inspections to ensure proper function and good coverage. Any needed repairs costing less than $100 are covered under your contract.

Customize your package for an all-inclusive experience

If you’re looking for a property care package tailored to your specific needs, we recommend customizing your package by choosing from our suite of additional services. 

  • Snow & ice removal

  • Monthly water feature maintenance 

  • Pool & spa maintenance (weekly or bi-weekly)

  • Lighting system updates and repairs 

  • Hardscape cleaning & sealing

  • Drainage system evaluation & cleaning

  • Mulch installation

  • Bed enhancements and redesign

  • Tree planting 

  • Seasonal decor, displays & annual flower planting 

  • Holiday lighting installations

Working with us is easy

When you work with Sunline, our horticultural experts look after every detail of your space — so all you have to do is sit back and take in the beauty of nature while enjoying time with your family and friends. Simply book a consultation to get started.

If you’re interested in caring for your property yourself, you can download our property care guide. You’ll find tips on how to protect your investment and keep your property looking healthy and beautiful.